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IP Intercom | IPervoice
IP Intercom | IPervoice

Intercom systems have come of age with the launch in 2009 of IPervoice, Urmet's IP Intercom.

IPervoice was the first digital, all-CAT5 system, with IP-compatible external wiring and dedicated riser protocol. With unlimited extension and number of riser columns, IPervoice is the ideal system for simplifying installation in residential compounds with a high number of users.Needs may also extremely various in such large systems, and Ipervoice has all the answers. Extremely versatile, it manages integrated access control, technological systems (CCTV, intrusion alarms, fire alarms) and many other functions, all from the videodoor phone system.

In 2011, Urmet released the iModo touchscreen monitor, the full IP-compliant video house phone. The IP system design allows IPervoice to be the perfect solution for fibre to the apartment developments; as the system is NBN Ready.

IPervoice: Urmet research and innovation brings you a solution just waiting to be discovered. 

IPervoice exploits the very latest advances in IP/network technology to deliver dramatic savings in the cost of installing door entry systems by the use of structured cabling systems for large projects such as multi-tenanted apartment buildings and university campus residential units. 

IPervoice is a PC based system that can be remotely accessed from anywhere on a network. "Property management companies in particular should find the functionality of iPervoice of great benefit. An unlimited number of 'virtual switchboards' can be added onto a network allowing operators to remotely monitor activity and control access to any building." 

Any number of risers per building, up to 1080 users per riser, can use the system in any one building with up to sixteen monitors in each apartment or residential unit. There is no limit to the number of conversations which can take place at the same time and so IPervoice will never have 'busy' lines in buildings. This will particularly benefit buildings with multiple entrances.
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Smart and simple

2Voice is the new two non-polarised wire system for installing top-class functions in an easy way.

2Voice is designed with installers and their work in mind. Styled according to market demands, it translates needs into innovations and advantages. 

Only two wires - and truly nothing more - from the entry panel to the apartment station.

Up to 4096 users, quick and easy live system dip switch programming. 

Free intercom function and cycle control of two cameras without add-on modules. 

Building restoration installation without needing to replace the existing wires and a complete, renewed range of monitors and entry panels. 

These are only some of the advantages of this system which brings something more to the market. With flexible solutions, it is ideal for applications spanning from villas and blocks of flats, to residential compounds.

Think big, work easy. 2Voice: designed for installers, at the service of their customers.
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Bibus VOP
Bibus VOP
VOP technology is used to create door phone systems with up to 250 users, 12 calling stations and distances of up to 600 metres between calling station and apartment station simply by using two non-polarised wires.

Numbers speak for themselves!

Ideal for simple blocks of flats with a single entrance door and one rising column, Bibus VOP is the answer also for complex compounds with several buildings and several staircases, in which common entry panels and secondary entry panels for each staircase are needed.

The flexibility of the system is demonstrated by its functions: a concierge switchboard capable of storing up to 100 calls can be installed.

The switchboard can intercept calls, and the day/night switching function increase system flexibility.
Furthermore, by using special decoders and apartments station add-on modules, a variety of supplementary functions can be implemented in each system (such as switching the staircase lights on, opening the garage door and many, many more) without needing to add wires
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Digital Intercom - Digivoice
Digital Intercom - Digivoice
Think Big, large number of residences, estates, complex installations; know the solution. 

Urmet's Digivoice.

Unlimited number of Entry Panels, mix of Video intercoms and Audio intercoms possible

Up to 3000 Users, unlimited number of Entrance Panels and risers, up to 5 Concierge Switchboards

Up to 99 Main or Secondary Door Entry panels

Video Monitors currently available include Imago & Arco.

You can have a combination of Digital Intercom Entrance Panels and Push Button Intercom Entrance Panels

CCTV Integration is possible

Up to 2 speech channels in the system

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